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     Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is
                LIBERTY (2 Corinthians 3:17).

     Yes, you CAN find freedom from alcohol!


Hi, I'm Paulette :)

I'm so glad God has led you to my online home, and I'm here to help support, listen to, encourage you and give you hope that you can get well (a/k/a "sober"), with God's help.

What I am not: a recovery coach or AA sponsor.

Who I am: A mid-60s Christian wife, mom and grandmother who was once frightened out of her mind when suddenly she realized she couldn't easily cut back on or quit drinking alcohol after years of being a "normal, take-it-or-leave-it" drinker.

For a long, long, time.


My journey to complete freedom from alcohol is both interesting and unusual.

Like most people, I tried the usual well-known routes to recovery (AA and Celebrate Recovery), but here's the truth: neither of them worked. I've nothing against either of these programs, and it's entirely possible they didn't work for me because - maybe - at the time, years ago, I wasn't as ready as I thought I was.

Can you imagine how scared I was, at this point? Those were the only two things I knew to try at the time. And sadly, I was far too ashamed to go to my church for help. When was the last time I heard a pastor preach on the subject of addiction?

But God ...

God had different plans for me. REFUSING to give up on my quest for freedom, I surrendered my life to Him once again, vowing to follow and do whatever and whoever He led me to.

Spirit-Led Sobriety was written in obedience to God as soon as He delivered me and pressed upon my heart to do so. I believe there are far too many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are silently struggling with the same guilt, fear, shame and self-loathing not only in church on Sunday mornings, but every day of their lives. They're doing everything they know how to do - and nothing's helping.

Spirit-Led Sobriety was written for YOU. When you allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit in the unique ways He has laid out for YOU - based on your life experience and how He's created you - there is no failure unless you just give up trying.

In addition to sharing my personal story of God's gift of repentance, redemption, deliverance and healing, I share the a great deal of information on the facts about alcohol - how it affects the brain and body, and why God's Word is THE way to find healing. The book concludes with an exhaustive list of resources to help you.

My journey combines a lot of childhood and young adulthood trauma, some really bad decisions on my part, years of pain and suffering, coming face-to-Spirit with God, developing a super-close relationship with Him for many decades ... only to experience the proverbial 'fall from grace' as a result of one very bad decision followed by my big, stupid sin.

But the great news is, God is our Redeemer, Restorer and Master Renovator. He has given me a magnificent comeback story, and He will do the same for you when you put Him first in your life. (Acts 10:25-37, Romans 2:11-16, Proverbs 3:4-6, Jeremiah 29:11-12)

Through the gift of repentance and a renewed relationship with God, He taught me about what the world calls "addictions", from HIS perspective.

My logical mind needed to understand how this happened to me, seemingly overnight. I began years of researching and educating myself, and ultimately learned:

Spirituality = transforming & renewing my mind

Science = "neuroplasticity", i.e. the brain's ability to rewire itself through new thoughts and actions.

Remember ... God is the Creator of all things, including science. It's when someone tries to elevate science over its Creator, that problems ensue.

Please reach out and let me know how I can support you. My book is available on Amazon, if interested.  Spirit-Led Sobriety

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